Wheelhouse is especially inspired by Kent and Erica’s commitment to ministry and their passion to empower athletes in our city.

“…empowering athletes to find their purpose beyond their athletic careers.”

Kent and Erica Chevalier have served in ministry in Pittsburgh for over 25 years and now have expanded their ministry to the NFL. As the acting NFL chaplains in Pittsburgh, they serve through mission trips, weekly bible studies and chapel services, and leadership training to the athletes and their spouses.

The couple serves through Athletes in Action, a global organization empowering athletes in over 60 countries to find their purpose beyond their athletic careers. The organization is focused on making an eternal impact and empowering each individual involved to lead lives of leadership and positive influence, during their time as an athlete and beyond. For the past 50+ years, their mission of sharing the hope of Jesus while using sports as a platform has only grown in numbers, reach, and influence.

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